Oconee County Case Information (Georgia)

Search for Oconee County, GA case information. A case information search provides information on criminal charges, civil lawsuits, misdemeanor charges, felony charges, ongoing cases, case summaries, pending cases, convictions, sentences, and plea bargains.

Oconee County Courts are judicial bodies that resolve legal disputes at the Federal, Georgia State, or local Oconee County level, including both criminal and civil charges. Courts also create and maintain records about their cases, which can be found through a case information search. Oconee County court records include criminal misdemeanor and felony cases as well as civil cases such as divorce, breach of contract, wills and estates, and constitutional violations. A case information search contains information about the case, the defendants, and the case's outcome, whether conviction, sentence, acquittal, or settlements and plea bargains. Case information can be an important part of an Oconee County background check or learning more about a business. Courts provide online databases to access case information.

Watkinsville Magistrate Court Watkinsville GA 23 North Main Street 30677 706-769-3940

Watkinsville Municipal Court Watkinsville GA 191 VF West Drive 30677 706-769-5161

Watkinsville Superior Court Watkinsville GA 23 North Main Street 30677 706-769-3940

Oconee County Sheriff's Departments serve a central law enforcement role by stopping crimes and performing investigations for their jurisdiction. As part of this job, the Sheriff's Department maintains Oconee County case information on criminal prosecutions for misdemeanors and felonies, which can include investigation records, Sheriff's Department testimony, and information on the outcome of a case, including convictions, sentences, settlements, or plea bargains. This case information contains important details about an individual's criminal history and provides Oconee County background check details, including whether an individual is on the GA sex offender registry. Sheriff's Departments may provide online access to case information on their websites.

Oconee County Sheriff's Office Watkinsville GA 1110 Experiment Station Road 30677 706-769-3945

Oconee County Sheriffs Department / Oconee County Jail Watkinsville GA 1140 Experiment Station Road 30677 706-769-3930

Oconee County Police Departments provide law enforcement services to the Oconee County, Georgia community including stopping crimes and performing investigations. As part of this job, Police Departments maintain case information on legal cases in which the Oconee County Police are involved. This Oconee County case information can include records on criminal prosecutions for misdemeanors and felonies, police records introduced in court cases, police testimony, police investigation information, and any convictions, sentences, or plea bargains. Police case information contains important details about an individual's criminal history, and it provides critical background check information. These records also list whether an individual is on the Georgia sex offender registry. Case information may be available on the Police Department website.

Watkinsville Police Department Watkinsville GA 191 VFW Drive 30677 706-769-5161